Okay a year and a half ago I remember sitting there laughing at our older generation who couldn’t get a grip with technology. All their; “I can’t figure out how to use the computer,”” How do I find information on the internet?” “What’s Facebook”?

Oh how the mighty have fallen… When I started my new job last year I was given my first SMART phone. I grabbed it hesitantly, reluctant to give up my ‘almost’ extinct Nokia with the nice little keys that had predictive text. But I was brave, and of course not willing to admit that (perhaps) I may have no idea what to do with a SMART phone!

Here’s what I discovered. There is no ‘push the green answer the phone’ button. You need to s-l-i-d-e your finger across it to make it work. The first time it rang (while waiting to pay for groceries) I got so angry chasing that little green button I nearly launched the phone through the whole shop.

That’s when it happened. That’s when it hit me that I have become one of the ancient ones. The sniggers from the kids behind me proved I was officially past it. When I then turned to my twelve year old son and begged for help on how to answer the phone (which chose to ring again!!!) the sniggers turned to laughter.

So here is my dilemma…I have two options here. One is to crawl away defeated, and join the older generation. Haul out my old trusted Nokia and leave my shiny SMART phone in a drawer hidden. Or two is to embrace this new world of evolving technology with the support of its experts, the kids.

I choose two. I refuse to be beaten and become my Grandma mourning about the loss of the ‘good old days’ . Ipad’s, Twitter (how does that even work?) apps, androids, SMART or (smarter) phones beware. I will figure you out and I will kick your butt!

Watch this space 😉


About mmhomer1

I love to write contemporary romance novels. They range from dark novels where people overcome huge obstacles to find love and happiness to funny, laugh out loud romances. I live in New Zealand (clearly a romantic setting) with my amazing husband and two gorgeous children. I hope you find the time to enjoy the site and learn more about the work I am creating.

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