Today I welcome Michael Haden to the Author Spotlight.  Michael wrote a novel about Deana, a young lady he coached in soccer. Tragically, a drunk driver killed her just before her 20th birthday. After she passed, he learned of her amazing biography. Deana had such a great story; Michael Haden shares it in his novel, A Deal with God.


Please tell us a little about Deana.

Deana was the most inspirational person I ever met. She survived a brutal upbringing and became a wonderful person whose life ended way too soon.

How long did it take you to write your current novel?

One year

Did you conduct any kind of research in order to write this book (visit certain locales, etc.)?

I went to Dothan/Rutledge Georgia for an entire week.

Who is your book published through?

I author published through Create Space and call myself Denco Media.

Who reads the…

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I love to write contemporary romance novels. They range from dark novels where people overcome huge obstacles to find love and happiness to funny, laugh out loud romances. I live in New Zealand (clearly a romantic setting) with my amazing husband and two gorgeous children. I hope you find the time to enjoy the site and learn more about the work I am creating.

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