Win one of three main prizes which include 1 of 3 grand prize packages of 7 e-books from the fabulous and talented authors listed below. By visiting all the participating aouthor sites and leaving your details, you will have multiple chances of winning!

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Andie Lea
Barbara Winkes
Briana Lawrence
Em Epe
Somer’s Rising, Book 2 of the McRaidy Clan
Fiona McGier
For The Love Of His Life
Giana Bruno
The Journey
Jeremy E. Elwell
Katie McKnight
Secrets Revealed
Kimberly Tipton
Passion Surrender releasing 2014
KZ Riman
Kissing Another Grimaldi
Laura Dasnoit
Forgotten Legends
Linda Hays-Gibbs
Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul
Lisa Acerbo
M. Homer
Dare to Breathe
Rachel Robinson
Roberta Hoffer
Silent Heart
Rose Montague
Ross S. Simon
Red Dahlia
Stephanie O’Hanlon
Affaire de Coeur
Trisha Haddad
Deep Green



About mmhomer1

I love to write contemporary romance novels. They range from dark novels where people overcome huge obstacles to find love and happiness to funny, laugh out loud romances. I live in New Zealand (clearly a romantic setting) with my amazing husband and two gorgeous children. I hope you find the time to enjoy the site and learn more about the work I am creating.

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  1. What I remember about Valentine’s Day most clearly is not finding love, but the silly little parties my grade school classes would have every year, with the candies, the cartoon-character valentine cards, and all. Friendships seemed to come easily then—but that’s not saying you can’t find a friend just as easily at any point in your life. All it takes, I think, is a few people under a good leadership, to get to know one another…and that happens more often than a lot of us would think. That’s what makes us love and appreciate one another…the power of one, to get us all together. And that one deserves someone special, too.

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