I never really understood how hard it is to just write something, anything that may trigger interest! When my publisher suggested that I set up a blog I thought it would be easy. NOT! Guess what? Writing shit for the sake of writing is hard! You try coming home from a long day at work and just finding something inspiring to write. I guess I could write about my day but you know what, it’s just not that exciting. It would read something like this…(clear throat-pause fingers over keyboard) “So today I got up late, chased kids out of bed-yet again- stopped them from killing each other over the last of the cereal- sped to school to drop them off late-raced to work late, ran into the office to fire up the computer. Read and answered my 100 emails, ran to the car to go and visit my centres- danced around the teachers offering ideas and advice at the speed of light-sped back to the office, wrote my reports, sped home to grab kids from Grandma who yelled because I was late (again), came home, washed clothes and breakfast dishes between vacuuming, made something for dinner from a bunch of thrown together ingredients (as forgot to take something out the freezer-again!) cooked, washed dishes, stopped kids from killing each other over the remote, had two second conversation with husband, dropped into bed and fell asleep in two point four seconds.”

As interesting as that may seem on day one, day two would kind of start to bore you and by day three, you’d just be changing the channel! So here goes…what’s inspiring? In some ways I do think it’s those everyday people who get up and do all that they do with the best attitude in the world. Those people who give a little of themselves to the people around them without wanting a thing in return. It’s a rare thing to see or even find but when you do come across it remember to stop and tell them and thank them for making a better world. It’s not about the people who write daily blogs about their lives every day or the people who shout out to the world about their own strengths.

So this is my own personal challenge…I’m going to find the everyday hero and make sure I talk about them as I believe this is what will inspire…Watch this space.


About mmhomer1

I love to write contemporary romance novels. They range from dark novels where people overcome huge obstacles to find love and happiness to funny, laugh out loud romances. I live in New Zealand (clearly a romantic setting) with my amazing husband and two gorgeous children. I hope you find the time to enjoy the site and learn more about the work I am creating.

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