Be the change you want to see

When was the last time you examined your own values? When faced with scenarios you hear on the news or media how do you react and how does this affect the people around you? Are their values and reactions the same as yours? If not, does this create tension among you?

In my line of work, we’ve been examining the culture of our workplace. What makes a positive working environment and why? It boils down to one thing, relationships.

What I’m learning is that you have to start by examining yourself. What do you believe and why? How do you live this in your daily interactions? When we start to know ourselves, we can start to improve ourselves. If we’re so focused on looking out and judging others, making assumptions and criticizing, we fall into a trap of problems.

Start by examining yourself. Why do you struggle with another person? Why do you have a problem with this person’s values or behavior? What do you need to know or do so that you can build effective relationships with this person?  Start with understanding yourself so that you can understand the people around you.

I believe that if we want a change in the world around us we need to be the change we want to see. Everyone starts with good intentions. I am confident that at heart, we believe we’re doing the right thing. If we start believing this, then we need to start showing it. Attitude is everything.

I want my children to grow up believing not that the world owes them something, but that they have the ability to give back. To be empathetic, kind and loving are values I want to impart to them. I can’t do this by telling them, I have to do it by showing them.

Know what you value and examine if you actually show these values in all you do. If you don’t then it’s simply a value you aspire to do, it’s not intrinsic. Consider how you use these values to build relationships with others. Keep working on yourself so that you can be a better person to those around you. Reflect in what you do and consider how this impacts on relationships.

Want to be inspired?….Click on this link to see the full video.

Want to be inspired?….Click on this link to see the full video.


Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was a homeless man in São Paulo, Brazil who lived on the same street corner for nearly 35 years. He was known locally for writing in his books every day. Then in April 2011 a young woman named Shalla Monteiro befriended him and tried to help him achieve his dream of publishing a book. She created a Facebook Page featuring his writing, but nobody could have predicted what would happen next. Watch the full video below:

Effective Leadership

When you hear the word ‘change’ does it make you think of this?

Change doesn’t have to be scary and it doesn’t have to be a battle. Effective change happens we we have a clear vision and are able to encourage and inspire people to come on board. There is a path to effective leadership and I’ve learnt it starts with looking at yourself. Determining your own values, beliefs, mindset, physical well-being, self esteem, intelligence and awareness is where you have to start in order to lead.

When we push people to do the things WE want without bringing them on board with us we become frustrated when they don’t follow. Remember the following quote;

Lao Tzu - When the best leader's work is done the people say, 'We did it ourselves.'

So how do we get to this point?….Start with yourself. Identify your vision and values and consider how to bring people with you on that journey. Another key point is to always start by listening. What do your team value? What’s their vision?

Also determine WHY something is important to you. We often give people the ‘what’ and ‘how’ we do things but often we forget to discuss the ‘why’ we do it. When you appeal to the emotive part of a person’s brain, you really start to connect with that person.


Bring your teams on the journey with you, the results will amaze you all.




The heartbreak of creativity: a public service announcement


Funny :)

Originally posted on Drinking Tips for Teens:

ross jobs A version of this piece originally aired on CBC Radio’s “Breakaway.” You can hear the original audio version here .

Hello, I’m Ross Murray, beloved columnist, salad dressing connoisseur and author of the best-selling self-help book Don’t Kid Yourself, Mister. Today, I’d like to talk about a condition that afflicts 2 out of 6 Canadians and in some areas as many as 1 in 3. I’m talking about… creativity.

Creativity can strike anyone, anytime, though probably not before 10 a.m. Creative people are just like you and me, except with weirder clothes and occasionally dubious hygiene. Creativity is a highly distracting affliction, but, with regular treatment and flattery, most creative people lead full, productive lives… Let me try that again: most creative people lead full lives.

There are two types of creativity. Some people are born creative, although early creativity remains difficult to diagnose. Many parents become convinced that their…

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My first everday hero

My first hero shout out goes to ‘D’ who just turned two from Papamoa. Last year while he was staying at his grandfather’s house, D managed to escape into an empty pool where the family were burning rubbish. He suffered severe burns as a result and lost his fingertips.

It was a terrible accident but what has amazed me over the year is the strength we each have inside ourselves. I watched ‘D’ a few weeks ago at his daycare. He was learning how to feed himself. His little hands were cracked and dry from where the burns were still affecting his skin development. I knew he was hurting because he kept saying “Ouch,” with tears threatening to fall. My heart was breaking, but he never stopped trying, his carer gently massaging his fingers with cream and encouraging him to keep tying.

Then last week, I saw him working on some play dough. His eyes were focused on grasping the play dough cutter with what’s left of his fingers as he pushed it into the dough to make a flower shape. His smile when he’d done it was enough to light up the room.

What I’ve learnt from “D” and his family is that no matter what happens in our lives you have a choice, sink or swim. “D” has been fighting for a year now with his burns. His small body still comes into daycare wrapped in protective burns clothing. He should spend all day being bitter, upset by the events that have changed his life. His family could spend every day broken over what’s happened. But the truth is that they don’t, they keep living and laughing and trying to work through the hand life’s dealt them. I watch with awe and I’m reminded that everyday we’re surrounded by everyday hero’s who brighten the world. Thank you ‘D’ for teaching me this important lesson.


Peace Train

Blah blah blah-what to write?!

I never really understood how hard it is to just write something, anything that may trigger interest! When my publisher suggested that I set up a blog I thought it would be easy. NOT! Guess what? Writing shit for the sake of writing is hard! You try coming home from a long day at work and just finding something inspiring to write. I guess I could write about my day but you know what, it’s just not that exciting. It would read something like this…(clear throat-pause fingers over keyboard) “So today I got up late, chased kids out of bed-yet again- stopped them from killing each other over the last of the cereal- sped to school to drop them off late-raced to work late, ran into the office to fire up the computer. Read and answered my 100 emails, ran to the car to go and visit my centres- danced around the teachers offering ideas and advice at the speed of light-sped back to the office, wrote my reports, sped home to grab kids from Grandma who yelled because I was late (again), came home, washed clothes and breakfast dishes between vacuuming, made something for dinner from a bunch of thrown together ingredients (as forgot to take something out the freezer-again!) cooked, washed dishes, stopped kids from killing each other over the remote, had two second conversation with husband, dropped into bed and fell asleep in two point four seconds.”

As interesting as that may seem on day one, day two would kind of start to bore you and by day three, you’d just be changing the channel! So here goes…what’s inspiring? In some ways I do think it’s those everyday people who get up and do all that they do with the best attitude in the world. Those people who give a little of themselves to the people around them without wanting a thing in return. It’s a rare thing to see or even find but when you do come across it remember to stop and tell them and thank them for making a better world. It’s not about the people who write daily blogs about their lives every day or the people who shout out to the world about their own strengths.

So this is my own personal challenge…I’m going to find the everyday hero and make sure I talk about them as I believe this is what will inspire…Watch this space.


My awesome hubby and me

My awesome hubby and me

I must be a romantic at heart because I love my husband even after 17 years of marriage…Best part is, they said we were too young. Sometimes, it’s great proving them wrong.

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Only 3 more days to Valentine’s day…..

Only 3 more days to Valentine's day.....